9H Nano-ceramic coatings

invisible, durable surface protection as an alternative to PTFE coatings

9H Nano-Ceramic Coatings

invisible, durable surface protection as an alternative to PTFE coatings

Stain protection, water and oil repellency, hygiene, self-cleaning and antimicrobial effects through ceramic nano-coatings and sealants

Nano coatings, also known as nano-sealants or 9H ceramic coatings serve to protect against stains from water, oil, chemicals, scratches, UV light, corrosion, ice, graffiti, lime-scale, micro-organisms such as mold, fungi, bacteria, and moisture (fogging). They can be based on sustainable silicon dioxide technologies (sol-gel) such as silsesquioxanes, polysiloxanes (silicones), silanes or polysilazanes and provide hydrophobic, superhydrophobic, ultrahydrophobic, self-cleaning, non-stick, easy-clean effects, but also hydrophilic anti-fog effects to avoid or facilitate cleaning / hygiene and thus represent a cost-effective alternative to PTFE coatings. This new business sector has been developing for years with high growth rates.

Nano coatings are mostly used as permanent surface protection, waterproof sealants, textile spray, shoe protection, stain protection for upholstery and kitchen worktops, carpet sealants, 9H ceramic coatings, Scratch protection for mobile phones (mobile phone seals), wash-in impregnations, building protection, stone consolidation, graffiti protection, anti-ice coating, corrosion protection, UV protection, odour control, mold protection and antimicrobial protection (hygiene cloth or hygiene spray).

This website offers you a detailed overview of the advantages and applications of self-cleaning, sustainable, non-stick and easy-clean functional ceramic SiO2 and barrier coatings, whose sealing properties can be food-safe, ecologically optimized (fluorine-free, PFC-free) and user-friendly (do-it-yourself).

The quality of the products on the market depends on the respective nanotechnology manufacturer or producer. Germany is a pioneer in the development of nanotechnological coatings or 9H ceramic seals with gloss. "Made in Germany" stands for permanent and sustainable surface protection, water and oil repellent protection of fabrics, textiles, leather and leather seats, stones, glass, ceramics, metals, plastics and painted surfaces (car paints) as a quality feature with long-term effects and washing and weathering stability.

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