intelligent HYBRIDS®

by Nano-Care

9H Nano-ceramic coatings

invisible, durable surface protection as an alternative to PTFE coatings


Spray-On shoe impregnation, fabric protection, stain protection and odour control on textiles, fibres, upholstered furniture and leather (durable water repellents)

Durable water repellent

Sustainable, industrial textile finishing (durable water repellents) without C8 or PTF

PTFE Alternative

Hydrophobic (water repellent), easy-clean, anti-stick effects against lime-scale.

Building protection

Water repellency, oil repellency, permanent antimicrobial effects and preservation of value through appearance retention in building conservation

For cars and other vehicles

9H Ceramic Coatings for Industry and Automotive Preparation


Surfaces in contact with food

9H Smartphone

Anti-fingerprint on (sandblasted) glass, smartphones, stainless steel, aluminium and screens.


Super-hydrophobic, ultra-hydrophobic and self-cleaning effects

Anti-microbial performance

Improved hygiene through permanent anti-microbial coading


Environmental friendliness and quality of 9H-ceramic nano coatings and Spray-on tissue protection systems


In which countries are 9H ceramic or nano coatings sold?

A look into the future

Currently, basic research for graphene coatings is carried out. News about nanotechnology and its applications for coatings are published here.

A New Business Idea - Self Formulation or Filling?

As a manufacturer of preliminary and final products for fabric protection, fiber protection, stain protection on textiles, building protection, 9H nano-ceramic coatings and antimicrobial coatings, we can supply you with raw materials, concentrates or ready-to-use formulations.

B2B - Buy 9H-Nano-Ceramic coatings and Spray-on products in concentrates from manufacturer!

Private label, OEM and distribution and commission contracts possible

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